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GreenPatch was developed in the spring of 2007 by Flushing, N.Y.-based Cold Mix Manufacturing, by CMM President Dario Amicucci and promoted by Vice President of Business Development Glenn Shapiro for commercial, municipal and private use as an eco-safe, biodegradable, high-performance and cost-effective asphalt repair using zero petroleum solvents and eliminating harmful VOCs and carcinogens. (full article) (screen)

Cold Mix Manufacturing shows its GreenPatch cold mix asphalt CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011
GreenPatch from Cold Mix Manufacturing is a zero VOC high performance cold mix asphalt that contains 40% recycled asphalt product. All substitute additives are biodegradable, non-ozone depleting and from renewable sources, claims the company. GreenPatch is available in bags, bulk or as GPL - GreenPatch liquid for asphalt plants to produce bulk GreenPatch. (site) (screen)


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NY Major Utility Endorses GreenPatch -
November, 2010-- Utilities and public works agencies are some of the largest users of cold patch, which is widely used in repairing street cuts for gas and electric work, back filling excavations in pedestrian walkways and creating ramps for steel plates on roadways. . “As a major utility committed to environmental excellence, we always strive to minimize potential impacts, conserve natural resources and reduce the overall amount of waste that we generate… so GreenPatch is great because its ingredients are safer and the product is made from recycled material -- right down to the bag that it comes in”, says Con Ed safety specialist. The final report detailing the pilot study was submitted in late 2009 to Con Edison senior executives, who quickly endorsed the use of GreenPatch around New York City and Westchester County.

Potholes go Green-
DOT looks at new eco-friendly asphalt
June 27, 2010-- New York City's thousands of potholes used to be filled—if they were filled at all—with a toxic mix of asphalt, diesel fuel and kerosene. ... it took a small Queens company, Cold Mix Manufacturing of College Point, to invent the first eco-friendly asphalt. GreenPatch contains no petroleum products and produces no noxious fumes, the company says.... more

Prescription for Potholes -
Juyly 27, 2009-- When rough roads go from metaphorical as with the economu- to real, as on Main Street- GreenPatch has become in great demand... more

Asphalt Turns Green-
May 24, 2009-- New York City, which repairs about 250,000 potholes a year inked a deal with Cofire last year and began using Green Patch in October, officials confirmed. more

Industry's Footprint - Cleaning Industry becoming more environmentally conscious
April, 2009-- (PAGE 64) The asphalt industry is already seeing a second coming of the product in the form of green asphalt patching material. One company based out of
New York, called GreenPatch, offers a product that contains anywhere from 40% to 60% recycled material and biodegradable, renewable solvents.....more

Environmentally Friendly Asphaltt
March 20, 2009-- North Hempstead Town has begin using an environmentally friendly asphalt patching material that replaces petroleum derivatives with plant oils.. more

Green Asphalt Put to The Test
Jan 5, 2009-- Representatives of the state Department of Transportation and for the Yonkers and Mount Vernon mayors said their road chiefs were aware of GreenPatch and are testing or monitoring its use to see if it would work. more

Poison Potholes
Oct 20, 2008-- ... the visible fumes given off by cold patch on roads could be contributing to the asthma epidemic afflicting poor communities ... GreenPatch made by Cold Mix Manufacturing - contained an eco-friendlier bio-degradable fuel oil ... is “definitely along the lines of what we’re looking for,” said DOT spokesman Seth Solomnow. more

Greenpatch Cold Asphalt Mix
June, 2009-- Green is the new black … top. Yes, welcome to the wide, wonderful world of environmentally friendly paving material...t uses non-ozone-depleting solvents from renewable sources, cleans easily, and won't give you any long, slow, lingering diseases. more


New Green Industry is Popping Up to reduce Environmental Hazards
April 20, 2009-- Looking for a cleaner way to go, some transportation agencies are monitoring experiments with alternative materials in other cold-weather climates in the hope of reducing emissions of pollutants to safeguard public health, animals and plants. - more


The "Green" Streets of Mount Vernon- GreenPatch material eliminates toxins in playgound and street repairs
March 16, 2009-- With shovel in hand, Mount Vernon Mayor Clinton Young, Jr. joined Commissioner Terrence Horton, anda Department of Public Works road crew on Langdon Avenue & Fourth Street to officially declare the city's end to using conventional cold mix asphalt, and announcing the switch to GreenPatch - more

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