Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended area the GreenPatch should be applied in?
    For best results, GreenPatch should be applied for a surface area no larger than 3 ft. x 3 ft. or 9 sq. ft. with confined edges.
  • Is the GreenPatch product actually green in color?
    No—GreenPatch is not actually green in color; it is only green in properties. Once applied, GreenPatch will cure to a natural asphalt color- which is black. The product’s name has been derived from its ecological properties.
  • Is GreenPatch the right material to extend my driveway?
    No—GreenPatch is mainly used for pavement maintenance, driveway repairs, potholes, utility cuts and street construction. GreenPatch® can repair your driveway.
  • What makes GreenPatch “GREEN”?
    GreenPatch contains >50% recycled material. ZERO VOC’s, GreenPatch® does NOT leech any hydrocarbons.
  • How much GreenPatch will my job require?
    Please see our easy-to-use Job Calculator.
  • Will I need to replace GreenPatch?
  • No, you do not need to replace GreenPatch. Properly installed, GreenPatch will remain in its application for as long as the surrounding pavement stays stable. It is a permanent repair and not a temporary fix.
  • When can I seal over GreenPatch?
    For best results, GreenPatch can be sealed after 90-180 days. Reference sealing product for temperature restrictions.
  • How is GreenPatch applied?
    Visit our How to Apply page to learn how to use GreenPatch.
  • Where can I purchase GreenPatch?
    You can order from our website or call us at 800 985 9192 we have several operators standing by to assist you.
  • Can I include GP in my Green Purchasing Initiative?
    Yes, GreenPatch is considered and environmentally preferable purchase(EPP). It is also the first product to be endorsed by the National Green Energy Council.
  • I am concerned about “greenwashing.” Is your product really green?
    Yes! Some other companies are calling their cold patch products green simply because they contain recycled asphalt and yet they still contain harmful chemicals and have high VOCs. We are truly green in that we have completely removed the toxic solvents from our product. And yes, we include recycled asphalt. We use recyclable bags. We have drastically lowered our use of fossil fuels in production. Cold Mix Manufacturing has greatly reduced our carbon footprint and we are constantly looking for new ways to positively impact our environment.
  • I installed GreenPatch® on my driveway and it is still soft?
  • To speed up the cure time, sprinkle the repaired area with a thin layer of Portland cement or Mortar dust. The cement or mortar will also help to smooth out the repair and enhance the appearance.
  • How long until GreenPatch® sets up?
    When compacted, the liquid asphalt and aggregate in GreenPatch® become stable enough to immediately handle traffic. The surface of the patch will cure over time to the hardness of the surrounding pavement. Below the surface, the GreenPatch® will cure at a much slower rate, which permits the patch to move with the surrounding pavement during expansion, construction and weathering.
  • How long does GreenPatch® stay fresh for in a bag?
    1 Year.
  • Can I put GreenPatch® in a pothole with standing water?
    YES, GreenPatch® is designed to displace water from the hole, Follow the 3 step installation instructions. LINK TO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.

If you have a question about our product, chances are, the answers may be conveniently found in this section. Should you have further questions about GreenPatch as far as its contents, its application or its environmental and safety standards, please contact us at our toll-free hotline at 800.985.9192 or you can email us at: