How To Apply GreenPatch Cold Mix Asphalt

Sweep any loose debris from area to be repaired.
Pour GreenPatch directly from the bag into the hole. There are no additional steps or materials needed.
Add GreenPatch up to a 2” depth and compact to create a solid base. Reapply in 2” increments until repair area is filled. Leave a small “crown” to allow for further compaction. You may now open to traffic immediately.

Ready to Use, Easy to Apply, All Weather and Affordable

GreenPatch® comes out of the bag- ready to use.
Our eco-friendly cold patch lays down smooth and easy.
Outperforms any cold mix product in all weather conditions.
Costs 10-20% less than the traditional non-sustainable products.

How Much GreenPatch Will You Need?

You can follow our easy to use chart below to calculate how much GreenPatch you will need to complete your repairs. The chart is a general guideline and refers to the use of our 50lb bags.

If the area you need to fill is deeper than two inches, apply and compact GreenPatch in up to 2 inch layers. Repeat the process, leaving the last layer to “crown” an inch or two above the existing roadway. Regular traffic will further compact GreenPatch making it a permanent repair.

Depth 2 sq ft 4 sq ft 6 sq ft 8 sq ft 10 sq ft
1″ 1 bag 1 bag 2 bags 2 bags 3 bags
2″ 1 bag 2 bags 3 bags 4 bags 5 bags
3″ 2 bags 3 bags 5 bags 6 bags 8 bags
4″ 2 bags 4 bags 6 bags 8 bags 10 bags
  • As a major utility committed to environmental excellence, we always strive to minimize potential impacts, conserve natural resources and reduce the overall amount of waste that we generate… so GreenPatch is great because its ingredients are safer and the product is made from recycled material -- right down to the bag that it comes in.
    Andrew Fiore Gas Operations Environment
    Health & Safety Specialist
  • We found that most products that promote a green initiative are ‘green’ only in the manufacturing stage or have recycled packaging… this is a rare occasion where the product itself is really what’s making the difference (and) a direct impact on the environment by preventing the many damaging effects that the conventional cold patch has had to our water supply, our soil and our air. Greenpatch really has tremendous potential to make a significant difference.
    UPSCO International
  • (The use of GreenPatch) is an opportunity for our DPW to do more than just talk green, it's a chance to do something concrete, in this case eliminating harmful toxins. It is a dramatic step toward preserving marine life and making the air safer for our children and all residents, it is also a better and longer-lasting patch
    Public Works Commisioner Mount Vernon, New York
  • I don’t have to re-repair the potholes I fill with GreenPatch. So I save money twice-once on the purchase price and again by not having to buy more.
    Hugh M. Monmouth Beach, NJ
  • What more could you ask for? It’s green, it costs less than the other products and it works! GreenPatch is definitely the best driveway repair that I’ve found at my Home Depot.
    Frank S. Cicero, NY
  • I am very happy with our decision to produce GreenPatch cold patch. They have valued added service that is second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to produce GreenPatch in their hot mix plants.
    Slavic Mokieno R.E. Pierson Construction Co.
    Pilesgrove, NJ
  • We are extremely happy with our decision to produce GreenPatch cold mix. It is a beautiful thing to be able to marry a cost effective product together with a quality and excellence that exists in every ton of GreenPatch cold mix. The value and service that GreenPatch provides its customers is unmatched.
    David A. White Superior Paving Co.
    Bristow, VA
  • We have doubled our sales of GreenPatch from last year, and expect to do it again! This is the best product on the market, and being the Greenest just makes it that much better. The crew at GreenPatch is very supportive with any help we've needed along the way. We are happy to find GreenPatch and use it or sell it almost every day.
    Stephen Wilk Wilk Paving, Inc.
    Rutland, VT
  • I am very impressed with GreenPatch and their desire to show how good their product is, and how they are personally involved in the whole process. I've seen GreenPatch put in a large pothole right next to a run of the mill cold mix and the difference couldn't be more drastic if you had put HMA in there. Don't pass up this great product or these great people!
    Jordan Sandquist Hall Contracting of Kentucky, Inc.
    Owensboro, KY