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Number of Toxic VOC Liquid Gallons GreenPatch has removed from the environment: 


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GreenPatch® is a revolutionary high performance cold patch product designed to repair and maintain roadways while utilizing RAP and sustainable additives. We are the preferred high performance cold patch choice of major cities, utilities, manufacturers, DOT’s, contractors and homeowners everywhere and the only no toxic VOC permanent cold patch product.

Watch us talk about GreenPatch on ABC Indianapolis during the World of Asphalt 2019 show.

Available in 50, 60 & 80lb bags, 40 and 60lb pails or in Bulk quantities and ready to use

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GreenPatch® Can Be Used For:


Road Repair Made Easy:

1-2-3 Install

Why GreenPatch®?

+ The Preferred Choice

GreenPatch® is the preferred high performance cold patch of major cities, municipalities, utilities, DOT's and homeowners everywhere. Our patented formula has led us to become an industry leader in RAP utilization while consciously removing millions of gallons of petroleum distillates from the roadways, water systems and airways.

+ Utilize RAP(Recycled Asphalt Product)

GreenPatch® is the industry leader in utilizing recycled asphalt product(RAP). By incorporating RAP into our mix design, our product has become more cost effective to produce as a result of producing more finished tons per tanker. .

+ GreenPatch Liquid Flashpoint Is Over 400°F

Operate your HMA plant with the safety of your plant and employees in mind. With our industry leading 400°F liquid flashpoint (2x the competition), you can operate your plant at normal temperatures without fear of overheating.

+ DOT Approved In all 50 states

GreenPatch® is approved for DOT use across all 50 States.

+ Permanent Repair Product

Unlike traditional cold patch products which are temporary patches, GreenPatch® is a permanent asphalt repair product. Simply follow our installation instructions for a gauranteed no toxic VOC permanent asphalt patch.

+ No Toxic Voc's

GreenPatch® is the first and only high performance cold patch product to completely eliminate petroleum distillates. Our patended liquid technology allows us to use plant based oils, enabling us to remove millions of gallons of petroleum from leaching into our roadways, water systems and airways.

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Become A Certified GreenPatch® Producer Today!

Manufacturing GreenPatch in your hot mix asphalt plant or portable pugmill has never been easier than it is today. GreenPatch’s patented technology finally offers asphalt manufacturers a safe and cost effective alternative to producing high performing cold patch. Our sales professionals and quality control experts are on site for every single production to ensure you are producing the highest quality high performance cold patch in the industry. 


HMA Plant Production

Pugmill Production








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Private Labeling Available

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Your Premium Brand.

Our Premium Product.

Are you interested in having your own line of high performance cold patch? Private Labeling is a great option for you!

As experts in our industry, we can provide you with the an on demand supply of high performance no toxic VOC cold patch with the ability to drop ship nationwide. 


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