How To Apply GreenPatch Cold Mix Asphalt


Ready to Use, Easy to Apply, All Weather and Affordable


How Much GreenPatch Will You Need?

You can follow our easy to use chart below to calculate how much GreenPatch you will need to complete your repairs. The chart is a general guideline and refers to the use of our 50lb bags.

If the area you need to fill is deeper than two inches, apply and compact GreenPatch in up to 2 inch layers. Repeat the process, leaving the last layer to “crown” an inch or two above the existing roadway. Regular traffic will further compact GreenPatch making it a permanent repair.

Depth 2 sq ft 4 sq ft 6 sq ft 8 sq ft 10 sq ft
1″ 1 bag 1 bag 2 bags 2 bags 3 bags
2″ 1 bag 2 bags 3 bags 4 bags 5 bags
3″ 2 bags 3 bags 5 bags 6 bags 8 bags
4″ 2 bags 4 bags 6 bags 8 bags 10 bags